X Factor India 2011 AMAZING and VERY FUNNY audition

must watch, JUDGES making fun of surendra pratab, he also gone mad.

X Factor India 2011 AMAZING and VERY FUNNY audition

must watch, JUDGES making fun of surendra pratab, he also gone mad.

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  2. him being a douchebag has nothing to do with him being a good singer. not denying he is famous and a very good singer. just saying the way he acts in this video makes him a complete DOUCHEBAG.

  3. awww.. thts y he has so many awards.. and is so much famous among INDIAN singers.. isnt he?? so to become famous we should be a douchebag??

  4. Some time i also laugh at sonu nigam when he does unnecessary HARKATE(murki) and spoils the song…..!I heard many music directors dont want him to sing for them because of his bad  habit(unnessary harkate).He just cant control it….

  5. Sonu Was Overeacting He Was Trying To Imitate Anu Malik’s Reaction When Contestants Are Funny And Sanjay’s Was Not Hapy With Sonu Making Fun On His Song…

  6. The voice of this guy has something different, if he can get a good teacher than he could be a good singer..but the problem is sonu nigam should not go to the stage to tease him in that way. It seems so stupid..anyway this guy should be a crazy…

  7. Sonu Nigam I am seriously offended by disgracing a fellow Indian. I hope you should have stopped him if you didn’t like him singing over the stage rather than making fun of him. Think about his kids watching on television their dad being ridiculed ? Even could effect them.

  8. actually!!! surendra sounds good sometimes to the song…….if i were to be the judges i would recommend him a trainer rather than humiliate in public……he lacks breathing technique…else he sounds soothing……and btw i dont think anyone wud fuck their pride for some 100rs……if so then that sucks……even in the third world……:@:@

  9. and u are a guy who is unsure about who is ur father…..u idiot, u must be intelligent enough to understand that in a country like india, with more than 1 billion population, we have many other problems to think about . and people like u will never understand the meaning of india, our culture and anything for that matter, that is y u call us a third world country. whereas people like u absolutely third class

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