WE LOVE RUSSIA 2014 – Funny Video Compilation #2

WE LOVE RUSSIA 2014 - Part #2 of Funny Video Compilation - Enjoy the video.
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WE LOVE RUSSIA 2014 - Funny Video Compilation #2

WE LOVE RUSSIA 2014 - Part #2 of Funny Video Compilation - Enjoy the video.
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27 comments on WE LOVE RUSSIA 2014 – Funny Video Compilation #2

  1. USA is the most hated, arrogant and hypocrite country in the world… but
    they wanna make themselves look like the opposite, as they always are
    saying too much shit about honor, respect, and all that hypocrisy that you
    can see in their tv programs and movies, that they supposedly are, and
    their flag supposedly represent (just think about the captain america,
    superman, wonder woman, etc). They are always acting like heroes, and
    pretending to lead the world. They’re always boasting of themselves and
    they like to humiliate and make fun of the others like the fucking idiot
    bullies at the schools who nobody likes, cause they don’t really know a
    shit about true and honest respect.

    USA thinks that their own point of view is the only right one.

    I’ve seen their sarcasm many times when they supposedly are being sincere,
    and it gives me nausea. You can see them torturing and killing innocent
    people into the countries that they invade (See the documentals “taxy to
    the dark side” and “dirty wars” for an example). All this shit about the
    terrorism, Ṣaddam Ḥussein and Osama Bin Laden, was nothing else than pure
    shit, as they are the real terrorists, and they were looking for a pretext
    to get closer to the oil from that region, and with militar and tactical
    purposes in the region and the future of the world. Themselves organized
    the autoattack as it is shown in the “Zeitgeist” documental, because of the
    fear to the rising of China, cause they knew it was going to be a matter of
    a decade when China finally would become into the world’s largest economy,
    and its fast development. You all only have to make some research about the
    projections of the economies for 2050… In only 35 years, the chinese
    economy will be around twice bigger than USA, and they know they are losing
    control and getting more vulnerable to their rivals; because their dream of
    controlling the world is everyday farther away…

    That was the true reason for the war in Afganistan and Irak, to create the
    conditions to conform an international unit against those who they call
    terrorist, now trying to point at Russia and China, since they don’t wanna
    face them alone, because of the fear.

    USA feels so confident and brave fighting against smaller and
    technologically undeveloped poor countries; but they are so worry when it
    comes to a comparable power.

  2. We World hates you Russia, because it is a homophobic country, xenophobic a
    reality big shit live in this country, fuck you russians #BR 

  3. While all the Russians I’ve met in my life have been nice people and while
    Russia has a lot of beautiful nature, fascinating history etc. the place
    just scares me in some weird way. It’s obviously not like a war zone (Iraq,
    Afghanistan etc), but it looks like the wild west in some ways.
    Corruption, bribes, violence, lack of human rights in some cases (Recently
    regarding immigrants and homosexuals), rich people doing whatever the fuck
    they want because money can get you everything, people jumping in front of
    cars for insurance scams.. It just seems so unpredictable.
    How are you to know if you got the good/normal cop or the cop who’s going
    to kick the shit outta you if you don’t pay him a bribe?

    There’s plenty of places that are worse than Russia obviously (Poor
    countries, war zones etc.), but at least other countries are sort of
    predictable. You *know* that they’re poor or dangerous before going there.
    Russia could be amazing.. Or a nightmare. You won’t know until you get
    there. If only the country could be sort of stabilized and predictable I
    think they’d see a lot more tourist interest as well and that might help
    get rid of some of the stupid stereotypes about Russians that you see in
    the comments on Youtube etc.

    Currently it’s just not safe enough for most tourists to even consider
    Russia, which I think is a shame. It’s an old country with a lot of great
    history and beautiful places, but very few people will ever get to see
    them, since most will never go to Russia, cause it seems very unsafe as a
    tourist destination. :/

  4. Damn Nick, when we say we hate Russia, we usually mean your shitty
    government because they (like ours) make the people look so fuckin’ bad.
    But that 9/11 shit was uncalled for bubba, that’s like saying you guys
    deserve Chernobyl, nah man. You didn’t deserve that BS, but if you really
    wanna be like that dude, just remember who can kick your ass 24/7 360
    days a year, That’s right mother fucker, USA. 

  5. Fuck all you stupid americans…you brought everything upon
    yourselvs…greedy pricks…PROTECT OUR OVER SEAS OILS!!! Kill
    innocents…Ya go usa!! Bomb villages to kill one man and all reality you
    killed 100,s for that 1? Fuck Obama..fuck you usa…I hope Putin gets his
    shit together and puts all Americans in there place…with love..CANADA

  6. It’s not french people who like to lick usa’s ass, it’s our government BIG
    DIFFERENCE. for i side with russia by miles i mean kilometers…-_- Holland
    is a puppet and our presidents have always been dogs bowing to America,
    it’s pathetic how we can’t stand on our own. I wish we would have somebody
    as strong minded and charismatic as Putin who really defends his country’s

  7. Americans and Russians friends forever , no matter what our governments
    should say.All people it the world shouldn’t fight.Make love , not war)

  8. After seeing this and other videos of Russians, I have to admit I’m
    begining to like them as they are not too different from us.
    They remind me of me and some of my redneck friends who just want to have
    fun and enjoy life. I guess it helps to consume massive amounts of vodka
    before trying some of these idiotic stunts just like we consume beer and
    other refreshments. Regardless they seem like pretty decent folks.

  9. +Nick Gorodetsky for how much shit you talk about the USA, you seem to love
    all the celebrities from the US. You should also consider working on your
    English so you don’t sound like such a douche bag when you are trying to
    spit “facts” and act like russia(yes I intentionally left russia in all
    lowercase) is greatest place on earth. The broken English makes you sound
    more stupid that the arguments you are attempting to make. 

  10. rossia 案外良いよですね・・・・・・平成25年もっと良くなるようによろしくお願いします。

  11. Why all the hate on Russia!? Russia is such a beautiful country with (from
    my experience visiting) colorful, kind people. I am from the states, but I
    want to visit Russia again please stop hating >_<

  12. ever thought of this?
    very few americans are idiots. the ones that you see are the one that post
    their nonsense on the internet.

    oh what the hell am i saying? this country is full of absolute idiots. the
    only people with a sense of reality are the ones that are in the military.
    they’re in the military because they know that if people like them didn’t
    serve, the idiots posting on you tube would be forced to serve, and,
    judging by how their life is ruined when they have a bad hair day, getting
    drafted would literally cause sudden death.

    @Nick Gorodetsky
    you saying we deserve thousands of our people, everyday people, just like
    you, with a wife (assuming from your picture) and family (possibly) to die
    unexpectedly, for no true reason, just because they went to work to feed
    their family, tells me you are the one that deserves bad things to happen
    to you.

    and sure, we destroyed japan, but for a greater good. if 80,000 innocent
    people didn’t die unexpectedly, then a war of 10,000,000 soldiers would’ve
    been fought.
    each soldier, with hopes, dreams, reasons to live, and possibly a family.
    Atomic warfare was the only way to win that war without creating an
    absolute bloodbath.

  13. +Nick Gorodetsky, I’m American and I like Russians and Russia. I have
    Russian ancestors, but that’s not why. I have friends who live in Russia. I
    would dive in front of a truck to save any of them. They are generous,
    funny, inventive people. I have not always agreed with the government of
    Russia, but the government is not the land or the people. I don’t like my
    government much either. I did not vote for the present regime, nor did I
    vote for the last one. My candidates were too unconventional I guess. I
    personally kind of like Mr. Putin. I know a lot of Americans who do. They
    respect him. He isn’t out playing golf when situations arise that threaten
    the interests of his homeland. Anyway, it saddens me to read you think we
    as a people deserved the 911 attacks. Nobody deserves to die like that.
    There were innocent men, women, and children in those buildings and on
    those planes. They did not deserve their fate any more than the innocent
    victims of those Chechen terrorists in the Beslan school massacre. I wept
    and prayed for those children. A lot of my countrymen did. There are trolls
    on the internet who know nothing of Russia yet have nasty things to say.
    There are those who hate my country too. I’m tired of it all. My government
    and others in power may be the death of my country, and that is a shame.
    There are many kind, generous, creative folks here, just as there are in
    Russia and many other countries. I wish you peace and success in all

  14. Great video, Russian people are funny just like American people and other
    countries, Im from the USA myself, I find it kinda funny people say how
    much they hate us but their the first one’s with their hands out for help
    in their country, and they come over here to live and work, but yet they
    hate us?????? LMFAO You don’t like us don’t ask for help or come over here
    for a better life, It’s just that simple people.

  15. Retitle “Why we hate drunk idiots”

    I do not love Russia, kinda difficult when you murdered 45 million of your
    own people, more than Hitler then decades later act like it never happened
    yet have plenty of propaganda to point every other nations faults out. Not
    to mention Russia creating a website like YouTube ends up with 5 people
    watching it, they cannot compete with first world nations because they
    aren’t one nor will ever be.

  16. +Nick Gorodetsky Regardless of whatever your personal opinions are about
    the USA, It is sad that you believe innocent Americans deserved to die
    during the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Russia and the USA both have tons of
    dirty laundry and we could go back and forth forever and it is sad, but it
    is even more sad that you “would send a couple of nuclear missiles to the
    USA..” if you were putin. You show no regard for human life. Hopefully one
    day you will get past all this hate and maybe get some sense. I hope that
    you never have to lose family to a terrorist action, because if you did i
    doubt you would speak so carelessly about human life. People like you with
    no regard for the lives of others are whats really the cancer on earth. 

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