Top 10 Funny Baby Videos in 2012

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33 comments on Top 10 Funny Baby Videos in 2012

  1. there’s nothing cute or funny about someone keeps disturbing you when you already made it clear you don’t want to be bother.

  2. Kid has some boundary issues. Somehow a small boy physically harassing a small girl is just not that funny, especially as the girl seems to be very disturbed by it. Where is the adult?

  3. You also need to know the difference between “no” and “know”, and how to put them in the appropriate context. You have a point, though.

  4. i don’t like this video he could turn out to be a staker am sorry but if i a child say no is no…he needs to no this early on…i hate this video

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  6. So, instead of intervening to teach the little boy that he can’t do that, the parents chose to make a “funny” video….Hmmm…

    Well, it was cute for the first ten to fifteen seconds at least.

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