Scared Cats The Best Funny Cat Videos Compilation 25 MINUTES 2014

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Scared Cats The Best Funny Cat Videos Compilation 25 MINUTES 2014

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Scared Cats The Best Funny Cat Videos Compilation 25 MINUTES

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43 comments on Scared Cats The Best Funny Cat Videos Compilation 25 MINUTES 2014

  1. That asshole at 4:45 needs to be shot. The reason why the cat was
    spazzing-out like that was because it was in a lot of pain. It was still
    feeling the stinging pain from getting whacked by that ruler-like object.
    Try it on yourself. Take a flat object like that in the video and smack
    yourself on the leg and see how long the stinging pain is there. That cat
    was hurt and that asshole needs to BURN!!! Who hits an innocent animal like
    that for no reason? What an asshole!

    NOTE: My original message ended above. Below this is what I have to add
    because I’m getting A LOT of replies because people are confused. If you
    agree with what I said above, you may ignore this:

    EDIT: I said it was a “ruler-like object.” NOT AN ACTUAL RULER! I didn’t
    know what the object actually was that’s why I said it was a ruler-LIKE
    object. I know it was a slap-bracelet now. However, let’s look at it with
    physics in mind:
    1. The asshole pulled his arm back pretty far. This adds power to the swing.
    2. The asshole swung VERY fast. This adds speed to the swing.
    With THAT much speed and THAT much power, it wouldn’t matter what it was,
    IT WOULD STILL HURT!!! Also, a slap-bracelet needs a slight tap to get it
    to wrap around something; that asshole put an UNNECESSARY amount of speed
    and power behind that hit.
    Therefore, to all you assholes that want to say, “It didn’t hurt the
    kitten.” OR “It didn’t hurt the kitten much.” I say this: FUCK YOU!!! I
    just proved that asshole DID hurt the kitten; and it doesn’t matter how

  2. This is the cruelest video of cats eva! The cats could of been injured and
    their owners would just laugh at them! If cats r people to treat them like
    people and doesnt just go 2 cat owner it gos 2 anyone with any
    pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember 2 treat wildlife,
    plants, trees, fish……..ANYTHING NOW WHO ELSE AGREES WITH

  3. The first one WASN’T supposed to be funny…. the cat is NOT
    saying,”nonononono” because it is talking human, because it is SUPER
    frightened; if your cat ever does that, that means it is serious and might
    even faint. I don’t get it. Animal cruelty=LAUGHTER? You should put your
    feet into your cats shoes.This is just wrong….. i don’t get it…. but
    still people should not be laughing at animals… such as cats or ANYTHING
    that is getting frightened or hurt… i know the whole video isn’t this…
    but i’m just saying.

  4. Some of these are kinda mean (not within animal cruelty calm the hell down
    people) but most if these are funny as hell.

  5. Awww boo hoo, people take care of, feed, give water and a loving home to
    these animals and you claim animal cruelty for scaring them. Lighten up and
    stop being such pussies people.

  6. This video is inappropriate!!! People scaring cats for their OWN amusement!
    This says “Cats are people too.” Would they treat people this way? They
    should be reported!!!

  7. At 11:03 is just downright adorable!! That kitten is kinda funny from the
    I would agree with some people that using a plant to scare a cat is mean,
    but think about that… the room’s light was obviously turned of, as of
    which, how is a cat classified as “dumb” when they are unsure of what the
    object they’re seeing is? There is a high possibility that the cat didn’t
    see a plant that big before or perhaps not at all? On that note, most cats
    are just mean by nature. I’m sure anyone knows this… maybe? I don’t know
    for sure or not. -_-

  8. Thumbs down for a video of humans torturing poor animals. Some of those are
    humans using something they hate to get ” laughs ” out of people. That’s
    how people can abuse animals lock them in a room with stuff they hate. Hate
    these videos. I clicked it buy mistake and watched some of it and I saw
    animals being tortured. Grrrrrrrr! 

  9. all the peta people who are complaining just relax, its a joke no actual
    outright harm was in this video and if you say torture or abused i think
    you need to re think that, were they being beaten? chained? hit? no so shut

  10. I hate it when people tries to comfort a cat to get out of its hidey-hole,
    it just makes it more scared…
    Let it stay in there (unless the place is dangerous) til it dares to come

  11. I stopped after the first part. This is kind of disgusting. If the animal
    is afraid, it’s not funny. Stop, it’s cruel. I’m reporting this video.

  12. Thumbs down for putting the first cat through relentless emotional stress.
    The first second or two were funny, but the rest is like watching a cat
    being emotionally tortured. I am not watching the rest.


  14. Not funny, so very sad.There is such a thing called Karma and you will be
    on the receiving end one day. Poor cats. Shame on you. You sick 

  15. Oh and one more thing, taping your child pulling your cat into the tub is
    not funny either. Every one knows “most” cats don’t like water its another
    form of torture and that is why they came up with waterless shampoo
    although I use the wipes when needed myself. However! Why didn’t the parent
    stop their child and teach them that its not nice to treat our animals that
    way! Seriously!

  16. If i made a drinking game out of how many comments i find about animal
    cruelty in this video i would die of alcohol poisoning people should calm
    the hell down i don’t like cats very much but it was not like you were
    killing it or shooting it in the ass with a beebee gun OR god forbid
    throwing it across the room in to a wall

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