Punjabi Funny Qawali – Naseem Vicky & Zafri Khan

Stage Funny Qawali

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  1. allha paak nusrat khan saab liaquat saab babu shoki mastana tariq abid khan rangela saab munawar zaraf saab or moin akhtar saab nanna saab or sab muslims ko janat main jaga da ameen sab k leya ak bar sura fathya or 3 bar sura ikhlaas paran plz sajid london    00447557884567  sajid4uk@yahoo.co.uk

  2. lmfao calm down, bruh. i never brought up any pakistani hindustani shit -___- swear i love how you’re quick to go straight to where we are from rather than sticking to the subject which is watchin stuff like this in family.

  3. @g2ridah Theres nothing wrong with that and even if it is, i prefer to watch Pakistani ‘crap’ with my family rather than watching deep sh*t bollywoOd stuff.. 🙂

  4. I’ve been watching this scene from easily over a month, and i still laugh at this scene, i’ve showed this part of the video to my friends, family members, and everybody..

    Thumbs up if you think this scene is the most hilarious scene of this video @ 1:52 “Ya taadi-yan majjan enj dudh dayndiyan nay ‘ Dagir-ta Dagir-ta Dagir-ta Ta Gunta Dum chik dum chik’ ” Hahahaha we Pakistanis are the best.. 😀

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