pet and animal vine compilation 2014 – funny animals

pet and animal vine compilation 2014 - funny animals
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funny animal vines

pet and animal vine compilation 2014 - funny animals

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36 comments on pet and animal vine compilation 2014 – funny animals

  1. this seriously annoys the hell out of me when because seriously annoy their
    dogs and the dogs attack them (or any animal) then they put it all over the
    internet and people thinks it’s funny IT’S NOT FUNNY ANIMALS GET PUT DOWN
    BECAUSE OF THEIR OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people need to seriously learn how
    to take care of their pets or not have them at all also blowing smoke into
    animal’s faces can seriously harm them!!! even if it looks funny them
    biting the smoke it damages them !!!!! LEARN HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR
    FRIKEN ANIMALS!!! …………………….. sorry i get really mad when i
    see people not taking care with animals 

  2. Those who think that it’s okay for humans to treat their pets this way
    (i.e., have fun with them at the cost of their pets’ suffering) are among
    the saddest excuses for human beings. There is no justification for having
    fun at the expense of others. And if you think otherwise, you deserve no
    respect because you are a cruel, selfish and arrogant person who thinks
    that just because you are a human you can do whatever you want with animals.

    Also, if you reply in opposition to this comment, you are only proving your
    idiocy. So, go on! Prove it to all of us.

  3. Whilst some of these are hilarious, some are just owners being complete
    dicks to their pets and aren’t even remotely funny. 

  4. and especially 9:09 that cat there’s nothing funny here…he has something
    wrong with him and the owner should have it checked out…


  6. I feel so sorry for all of those poor animals. THERE ARE NOT HERE FOR OUR
    ENTERTAINMENT!!!! To be abused captured and molested so we could make fun
    of them and laugh. I feel ashamed for being human, because of the way we
    treat them. They are God’s creatures as well, and they have the same right
    to be free, as we do. We don’t own them, just because we are more
    intelligent species (which often I doubt). Please boycott circuses, and all
    the places where those beautiful animals are kept to amuse us.

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