People Walmart 5! You might just see someone like this if you go to Walmart!!


People Walmart 5! You might just see someone like this if you go to Walmart!!

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  1. i love the guy/girl dressed in rainbow w/ his/her friend with trip pants i want both of those out fits ( i really do!!!) love the 3:59

  2. I wonder what in the WORLD are these people thinking??????????? Surely they know they know they look like CRAP!

  3. It cost a lot of money to get your teeth fixed, it’s cheap to get your nails done. I’m mixing one of my canines and I sure don’t like it, but 4 grand isn’t gona fall from the sky for me to fix it. So Leana some of us would love to go to the dentist if they weren’t suck theiving bastards. They go to other countries and fix there teeth for free but they don’t have things like that for poor Americans.

  4. america is a free country remember that but some of us that go to walmart do dress normal but this video is great because it’s true you never know what your going to see at walmart

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  6. Very true, I totally agree! But that would just not be balanced. I think if you take care of your nails you should also with your skin, hair, makeup, & body (workout everyday). Just saying. I do all of these things everyday. I just feel more balanced in life like that. LOL!

  7. 4:30 It’s funny she has money to get her nails done, but she won’t get her teeth fixed…Some folks make no damn sense to me…

  8. It’s great to be a healthy woman who works out regularly, but DAMN (3:18-3:22) that’s ugly!! Why do some women what to look like that?! That’s almost a man. LOL!

  9. The uploader wants to make fun of walmart. But in reality is making the biggest and cheapest promotion for walmart. Walmart should pay him.

  10. This is the reason why other Countries look at the U.S. and laugh. A prime example of what the hell happens when cousins fuck. Also the reason why I never step into a Wal-mart

  11. Don’t get me wrong,but some,if not all,of these people I would not want to cross,they look grumpy,or bad tempered,sorry.

  12. 2:50 nice coat, not being sarcastic, I would wear that, worn something much louder before.

    Don’t think the hat works with it.

  13. good christ! everytime i watch these, i am completely floored! it absolutely CANNOT be real. where in the hell walmart is this. is it the same walmart or different ones. please warn us. how does this happen to people!? i just cant find anymore words. off to take a shower

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