new funny clip 2011 just for lough fun unlimited

new funny clip 2011 new funny clip 2011 just for lough fun unlimited

new funny clip 2011 just for lough fun unlimited

new funny clip 2011 new funny clip 2011 just for lough fun unlimited

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  1. The Gulf Supermarket

    The Gulf Supermarket in Dammam is owned 100% by Saudis . It has an area of 1,400 square metres and parking space for 250 cars . There are approximately 5,000 different items from 15 countries , including the Philippines and Thailand on its shelves . It is open from 8.30 p.m. , and it has a huge greengrocer’s department .

  2. Man, I’d punt that freaking thing right back outside before I’d be caught in the nude, lol. Furthermore, in what kind of sick arse country would such a gross invasion of privacy and lewdness be tolerated? This is just SICK!!

  3. gosh, don’t know why people are so afraid of mice or rats, they’re cute! and they generally go to where humans AREN’T. Only if you’re really calm, will they approach you. Of course the rules for rat culture are different in the subways and sewers, ‘captivity’ changes their gentle nature. I’ve slept out in the woods countless times, and the rats in the trees have never messed with me, and an occasional mouse might approach, but only if there is food involved. I guess it is an ‘irrational’ fear…

  4. I would’ve kicked that stupid toy and said here’s your joke bitch stick the finger and burn the place done but mostly get their ass

  5. maan this is illegal …y cant film people gettn undressed period in public changin rooms shit aint evevn funny neway pif

  6. well pulling a prank like this in a violent country like Brasil IS looking for trouble .the people depicted are not necessarily actors but are paid to pretend being surprised and scared.

  7. You people who think of different laws when you see this got to learn that you must bend the laws a little bit sometimes.
    I’m sure there is a catch. Maybe nobody watched the videos except the victims themselves and let them say if its OK or not to keep it… There are many ways to solve this.
    Or simply enough… DONT BE SO F*CKING SQUEAMISH, we dont want silly people who’d sue someone for this, you just want trouble

  8. sure its real, they can delete all material afterwards you know… they probably did delete everything of people like you.
    While the other victims who laughed with everyone else when they saw the recordings, said its okay to put it in a TV-show. Now its also on youtube, but that cannot be helped.

  9. why the fuck are women feeding their children with bare breasts alll over youtube :@ youttube has become youfeed :@

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