Funny video of Guy begging for Free iphone 2.0 on street

Funny video of me with my daughter on the street begging for change to buy an iphone. I loved Zinnia's expressions throughout as she contentedly sips her drink. (For anyone worried, yes, this was all staged except for the man who came by and gave change.) http

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  1. about that. sorry about with mean words, but she is most cutest girl in a whole world. she should be cute contest to help you get a iphone.

  2. begging just to get a new iphone is bullshit, but that little girl is kawaii(very cute). feel wanna to give a warm hug her. (=^w^=)

  3. It was funny, so who cares. By the way I may soon have to do what you did, lol. Seems like I am the only one left without an iphone.

  4. It was released in different areas on different dates, based on population. They did it that way to see just how many were bought within the given days, to sort of control how many they produce.

  5. Dude this video was uploaded on June 26 2007 and the iphone didnt came out until June 29 2007. That time there was no iphone. how could he get an iphone that day when no one has it yet

  6. sick im stealing that idea straight away!!! ill just beg for one off the internet just fink 600people give me a pound or even 2pound each ill be there in no time omg i could be a millionair hahahhahaha

  7. notice how she nods the camera to emphasize that she is agreeing, when people dont actually do that when they are video taping.

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