Funny Video Clips

These are a bunch of funny clips i found. Thanks to all the websites that helped

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  1. only 3 stars because david beckham is on it, otherwise i’d give it 4! CYMRY AM BYTH, afiach ydi saeson ia, ma nw yn houw, twll eich tinau saeson

  2. good videos and goood tunewith it. Ouch the poor person on 2:44 must be really painfull. I guess that person would’ve been a great long jumper

  3. Probably the same reason I would laugh if a 2 ton pile of bricks hits you. same thing. Other peoples dismay is naturally funny. Its all part of how humans react to different things…didnt you watch looney tunes where wile E. Coyote Always got killed and it was funny…or did you miss the void of your childhood?

  4. The song is called “Chariots of Fire” it is the theme from the hit movie…you guessed it “Chariots of fire” Thanks for the comment everyone. This became a lot more successful than i though it would

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