Funny Clips all in one


Funny Clips all in one

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  1. @winitred000 stfu if ppl wanna laugh, they can! It’s not ur choice wether people find it funny!! Stfu and stop complaining´╗┐ or ill make a bid of me owning u so everyone can laugh at that!

  2. If someone is soo hurt and doesnt want pple to laugh at him/ her, y does that person bother uploading a video of´╗┐ themselves on utube ofcourse pple arent gonna say omgosh so sorry u fell while riding that bike, thats y the vid is labeled funny, its for us to laugh, if it was a pity video, it would be in the sad and pityful category or side of utube, but this is the funny side, and its not us who named the vid funny, its the uploaders. So blame them, we are just viewers who came here to laugh.

  3. DON’T YOU IDIOTS REALIZE THAT PAIN IS NOT FUNNY? There is a trend in this society to laugh at people getting seriously hurt. It cheapens life and is disrespectful to other’s feelings. It also teaches people to´╗┐ “deal” with their pain and not seek help for it. I AM SO SICK OF THIS STUFF BEING PURPORTED AS FUNNY. Pain is not funny, it sucks. And you people are followers, not leaders. Everything someone else says is funny, you go along with it. Disgusting.

  4. I’d like to´╗┐ meet people and talk to America. because I live in Brazil and my dream is to speak with an American

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