Funny cats 1

Compilation of funny clips with cats ­čÖé

50 comments on Funny cats 1

  1. LOL.
    me and my friend laughed a bunch
    that was funny as a dog´╗┐ doing a backflip
    sure about that

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  3. Hahahaha my cat Dotty went all crazy like the kitten that slipped on the sink and´╗┐ she did the EXACT same thing! thank you for this supremely funny video, @fumanchuchu

  4. My Grandparents showed me this when I was 5. I still watch it now and it brings back so many memories.
    i always thought the kitten smaking´╗┐ the cactus was the funniest thing on earth!!!

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  6. for long years Im putting this vdo on the desktop of my computer and watch it whenever I need to change mood to feel better. so thank you very much. I enjoyed watching it hundred times.´╗┐

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  8. lol i just love cats!!´╗┐ i luv that simeais that dose that summer salt! lol SO CUTE,FUNNY,AND LOVEABLE!!!!!

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