Funniest fart scene ever

Funniest fart scene ever

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  3. This is staged guys! I mean come on!! It’s illegal to put cameras in a bathroom, and of how convenient that the stale doors go almost to the floor! It was hilarious though!

  4. using such a cheapo microphone for impersonating real people? That probably didn’t work so well.. Plosives were dramatic, and there might of been a chance that audience noise was slightly picked up. At least something like a $20 dynamic mic would of done better than that.

  5. It’s because every fart is like a snowflake, the sound is always slightly surprising because each fart is unique. I think the unexpected sound of the slow moving vibration is the funny part. Also, it’s funny just to realize that that much air could be trapped in someone’s bum.

  6. this is fake too many of them women are doing exactly what the others are doing, putting makeup on, unlss it is just a coincidence that all woman when they go to the bathroom put makeup on

  7. NEWS ANCHOR SHITS HERSELF ON LIVE T.V on you tube! I could not stop laughing, reminds me of that crazy guy singing the Hotel Davis County song!

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  9. I like this, but have you seen this video titled – Knife Party Centipede – Heston Air Drumming & Dancing – its very funny!

  10. lol i know its fake… illegal to put a camera in a restoroom… not to mention they got the microphone wide open and the audience is laughin while they talk… how would this not be obvious… the stalls are made that way for a stage lol creative tho…

  11. It is an old episode of the Graham Norton Show shown in the UK. He has a show on ITV1 but sadly doesn’t do this sort of thing anymore. But he does have the ‘RED CHAIR’

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