EVE-ONLINE.. VERY FUNNY!!!! guy gets pissed

guy gets pissed over a cruiser loss….=P

EVE-ONLINE.. VERY FUNNY!!!! guy gets pissed

guy gets pissed over a cruiser loss....=P

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  1. Again… PLEX prices lowered to about 600 mill now. Because it was of the 10k dollar event thing.

    Still 600 mill is a lot.

  2. I remember when it was 300 mil. Can’t believe it’s doubled over the year. I can see another protest comming…..

  3. It feels RL world is colliding with EVE…

    I don’t even want to look at the PLEX prices now anyway, its 663 million ISK as of 10/10/12. 663 MILLION ISK is just very very high. Everyone can remember when it was 400 mill and even less than that :/

  4. wait i cant understand a part. did he say come to canada and woop his ass or something and then say hes in Portland oregon lol

  5. This whole thing is staged you know that right? Fake names. Fake Story, Heck, The Pictures even look photo shoped. They did this to aware people of the dangers of mining in low sec

  6. I searched up his name in eve (The carebear miner Parallux), Its not there, only a Parallux from 2010 was there, I think he got banned and his character gone after that. lol

  7. was listening to eve radio today heard a song. parody of the fray – how to save a life
    was about losing your ship.
    anybody know the name of the song? i cant find it again

  8. Is this staged? It has to be staged. Really. It can’t be real. Because…. well just because! I can’t lose any more faith.

    Wait.. No. I can. Some people are just dumb.

  9. I love this because I live in Portland Oregon and from the people I see everyday this guy is probably about 270 to 350lbs at home with mom and mustard stains on his shirt.

  10. every time i do something stupid in eve i just think about this clip and it cheers me up, lets me know im far from the stupidest player

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