David Bowie – Where Are We Now?

Music video by David Bowie performing Where Are We Now?. (c) 2013 ISO Records, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

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  2. (Reply to your removed comment)
    It was because the whole project (the album and the video was a big secret) and was shared between Bowie’s closest colleagues (Tony Oursler, who filmed the video and his wife Jacqueline among them). Bowie would have increased the risk of people finding out if he had used a celebrity .
    For interesting detail about this google (copy and paste) the following——–>

    The Independent Tony Oursler David Bowie’s latest work is astounding

  3. As long as thers you in my world so many years, like the sun and night and the moon bless you and your creation given me so much, i let my kids whatch your clips and listen to your music. i want them to know you. endless thank you. guy

  4. In fact 4 millions views in a week… because the other videos have been removed for “copyright rights” ! Thank you David for this new song and for coming back ! You are the best !

  5. After the collapse it was unclear who could cross the border into west Germany. The shot defectors. I think he sings everything twice for the east and west walls

  6. It’s the next day after fall of Berlin Wall. Separated for decades, families had no idea how life went on.. The East Germans were the dead bc it was so awful. Political borders in an instant made people wonder where they were

  7. omfg wait on ….. thats wrong, wholy fuck hes back on the rack
    and this song is so wicked i have viewed it 23.. seriously
    23times on various different computers!
    it iz thee bast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. David Bowie realeases a new song after 10 years and there’s less than a million views in a week? Lemme get that butthole RIGHT NAH

  9. I read a translation of this song, it says it’s a requiem about tragedy germany was divided before. I don’t find the meanings of “just walking the dead” clearly.Is it “walking like a dead one”?

  10. Hmm, quite melancholy and introspective Bowie. Powerful track, but I’m waiting for the next Suffragette City – sounds like the rest of the album is supposed to be more like that.

    … annnd, I guess this is as good a place as any to plug my song “Berlin,” since the backdrop of this song revolves around the city. Check it out, if you get a minute.

  11. Actually, the original version posted on Youtube had well over 2 million hits in less than 24 hours. However, due to copy/distribution it was flagged for removal. So….over 2 million hit in less than 24 hours – not too shabby!

  12. You got me wrong, I was talking about Momus who made a cover version of where are we now.
    Also I was referring to an earlier comment, so it probably wasnt all clear. Or did you mean TrevEpic? However, check out momus, he is worth it, promised.

  13. WOOOOOOWWW !!! fan- bloody- tastic

    Watch the Video at 3.25 when david finishes singing, he blows out his cheeks as if to say ” thank goodness that is over ” ie getting back into he music video business

    Classic Bowie

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