Cinderella Man (2005): Getting-jimmy-a-fight

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Still looking dapper, I see.
Certainly. Gotta keep up appearances.
Good to see you, Jimmy.
Nice to see you, Joe.
Well, nice day.
You drove all the way out here to talk about the weather?
Maybe I was in the neighborhood. You ever think of that? A little fresh air.
Joe, this is Jersey.
Yeah. Good point. Yeah.
Good point.
I got you a fight.
Go to hell.
Come on. You want it, don't you?
Are we gonna tell the Boxing Commission or not?
Yes. And they'll sanction it. This one fight and one fight only.
It's not a comeback. It's just one fight.
?Cause of who you're fighting.
How much?
Just ask me who you're fighting.
How much?
250 dollars. You're on at the big show at the Garden tomorrow night.
You fight Corn Griffin, Jimmy. Number two heavyweight contender in the world.
Prelim before the championship bout.
Joe, this ain?t funny.
No, it's not. And it ain?t no favor either. Griffin?s opponent got cut and can?t fight.
We had to find somebody they could throw in at a day?s notice. Nobody legit would...
Nobody would take a fight with Griffin without training.
So I told them...
use the angle Griffin?s? gonna knock out a guy who?s never been knocked out.
You're meat, Jimmy.
Are you on the level, Joe?
Come on. Always.
For 250 dollars, I would fight your wife.
Now you're dreaming.
And your grandmother.
Teeth in or teeth out?
Take ?em out.
Then you're dead. Down, gone.
250 bucks?
250 bananas. Come here.

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