Black Ops 2 Online – SERIOUSLY? (WTF Moments!) Episode 1!

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47 comments on Black Ops 2 Online – SERIOUSLY? (WTF Moments!) Episode 1!

  1. The hit detection and lag compinsation in this game can really be something else. Today I ran behind a guy who was only about 5 feet ahead me and unloaded 16 shots with the SMR into his back and got no hit markers, then he turned around and one shotted me >.< And the knifing. Walk up to a guy thats camping and slash him at point blank 6 times and still not hit him, then get stabbed by him on his first swing... Not even gonna talk about the spawning.

  2. I hope those imbeciles that developed the hit detection in this game get the same “hit detection” when they try to have sex.

  3. I really effective way to use the KSG is with a stock and ADS a lot. Up the sensitivity a bit and with good reaction time you can take out enemies very fast. Stop with that quick scoping method and especially hip firing is a last resort

  4. Actualy; the KSG is weird. Because as you shift from stances (Standing to Sprint/Crouch/Prone or visa versa) gives you about a second of HORRIBLE accuracy. It’s extremely weird, but if you walk everywhere or anticipate encounters and stop sprinting for a bit; the gun’s perfectly fine~

  5. I guess you didn’t see the video above. Watch the final kill cams on any given game to see in slow motion how much these hitmarkers are off. I headshot a guy yesterday in the knee, triple headshot a guy with a sniper rifle before he dropped with no headshot accolade and for the record I’ve been deer hunting in real life for the past 16 years so I know exactly where I place my shots through a scope. I proved how off the markers are in a bots game with an SMR to my mates to make a point.

  6. Fuck that Matthew350 guy, dude, I bet he camps. BO2 was awesome when it was first released but since they updated it, the hitmarkers and spawns have gone to shit. That’s why you’re lucky to see kills in the 20’s when in the other COD games you could get into the 30’s if you’re beast enough. Thanks to the latest update both my flatmate and I have had our xbox’s freezing on the lobby screens. Its an uphill battle but keep at it. 😉

  7. ITS NOT LIKE A REALL SHOTGUN!!! Its using a slug round. Thats basically like a regular guns round inside of a shotgun shell!!!

  8. It is just VERY accurate. If your sights are not on the person you are not going to hit them. Sadly its you that is the problem. IT could also be the hit detection more than likely you are using it like a normal shotgun and just slightly off.

  9. I have a few greay hairs on my head and high blood pressure from the stress of trying to get the gold KSG. The hit detection is Horrible!

  10. People don’t know how to use the ksg, they’re shooting ages before they even aim down the sight, that’s why its so inaccurate

  11. when i play black ops 2, the bullshit in that game is crazy. now, when i play other cod games i dont get angry anymore. if i get killed by last stand…who cares? if i get panic knifed… w/e ¬_¬.

    that shit is better than the bullshit that happens on in black ops 2…lol.

  12. This game has way too many lag when it comes to hit detection. You can even see that you hit your enemy with a sniper rifle and then you “miss”.

  13. youre terrible with the shotguns in this game, its no wonder you cant get any kills
    stop aiming inside the four white lines, anyone who has ever played cod knows that…

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