Big Mistake

Watch and see

Big Mistake

Watch and see

27 comments on Big Mistake

  1. Fu**ing funny even if it was staged very good laugh. People like to talk sh*t but if they can laugh at movies that are funny why not at this.

  2. Staged or not….well done. Good enough for the ‘wtf’ moment. YouTube has always been about getting a laugh or two. Some will like it, some will hate it…..
    NORMAL reaction.

  3. Video was awesome.

    By the way……
    People that argue over YouTube comments are ridiculous. I’m sorry, but shouldn’t the comments be about the video, not your ignorance.

  4. Again, for the last time… ready? here we go! i. don’t. give. a. shit did you see it? don’t try to argue and act smart because you know this video is supposed to be staged and you couldn’t pick up on that, im not trying to have a nerdy ass debate like you are shut the fuck up god damn

  5. Yeah, never heard of a dumbass who was Impressed by intellect either. You keep saying kid.. I’m starting to think you’re not just a failed abortion but also a pedo. Anyway this is the last message I’ll send your worthless ass. Hope you don’t breed.

  6. kid. i. dont. giv. shit… and yes i hav heard of the word sarcastec… ITS JUST HARD TO PICK UP ON WHEN U RIGHT WON FUCKIN WORD FAG BAG. get a life, stop tryin to act smart im not impressd

  7. Grammar and not giving a shit? you can’t even spell or structure a sentence if your mums life depended on it… and why so self consious? You don’t have to make fun of nerds and fags to prove you aren’t one because you’re too damn stupid to be either. Also, ever heard of the word “sarcastic” ? You most probably are too stupid to have heard of it. Go check it out, maybe you will become less of a retard and begin to understand the implications behind most comments on youtube.

  8. dont correct me kid obviously im not going to give a shit about my grammar when im talkin to some fag on youtube, anybody who does is a nerd.. plus im not the retarded one, you are for thinking this video is supposed to be real. EVERYBODY FUCKING KNOWS ITS NOT REAL

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