Best Funny Animal Videos Compilation 2013 [NEW HD]

All the best funny animal videos in the last year, all in HD, all in one video. More Funny Baby/Puppy/Kitten Videos All the Time! Click Here to Subscribe! ht...

27 comments on Best Funny Animal Videos Compilation 2013 [NEW HD]

  1. Alright, alright. I told them you were joking, as per the other comment you were responding to. No need for either of you to be using foul language. Must realize a lot of younglings are or will be watching this video and possibly perusing the comments. Please watch what you guys are saying!

  2. @exophobia, your lieing, people would NEVER DO THAT TO A DOG! And I checked out yor channel, all there was is minecraft videos, stupid sh!t head f@gg3t!

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  4. i love hit my dog in the balls with a baseball bat and film it and put it on youtube for laughs! Check out my channel for it !!1

  5. bet you did, you fit the bill of a weirdo. you know what they say about freaks like you who like doing these things to small animals ….. Jeremy.

  6. Lol. You should seek therapy, and no, but I definitely stuck stickers on cats feets as a kid, and peanut butter in dogs mouths. Unfortunately there were no digital cameras back then, and YouTube wasn’t invented yet.

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