Arab Man on Treadmill.Very funny.

Watch this very funny clip about a man trying out a treadmill.

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  1. marwan hassan with ur words u abusing all muslim people, it’s realy not good, im christian and have muslim husband he is very polite and kind man, i dont want anybody thinking about muslims that thay are terorist evil stupid and so on, just keep calm and take urself more high, nobody jealous and if u keeping such be sure no one will respect you…..

  2. yea and all christian people can suck my dick . you guys suck . you are just jealous because we have wealth . also i would like to remember you that we ruled the world before 80 yrs . when all nations were respecting us .

  3. And you are known you smell like shit after you drink your shit vodka and eat pigs, while being fucked by the chechens

  4. Hah no, Im afraid I said that to you, why dont you take russian ass of youtube and go try to fight chechens, but the problems is that they are fucking your asses all the fucking time!

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  6. That’s it, You clearly have no intention of having a reasonable civilized conversation, So screw you to hell, Islam is a good religion with good things for everyone, men and women alike, Its not my fault you’re too brainwashed by the media to try and enjoy any of it, If I have a small brain then your’s is even smaller, because at least I don’t believe everything I see on TV and take it like the gospel, And just FYI, You didn’t win this argument, I just got fed up of arguing with a stupid idiot.

  7. You said that “Muzzies” Leach off of Western technology, so you basically implied that somehow Muslims are a race, and you keep referring to something about camels and donkeys, I don’t see what that has to do with that at all, So basically you’re saying that a lot of Americans drink camel piss and crap? because there are a lot of Muslims there, Wow how smart of you.

    Also no where in Islam is Camel piss or crap mentioned, Islam is about worshipping god just like any other religion.

  8. Also a lot of these “Muzzies” are your fellow white Americans, so you can’t say they are leaching off of technology they helped create, like guys at Nasa, and some educators who are building the future of America, I don’t see them committing terrorist acts, blame the people not the religion.

    This ladies and gentleman has been proven to be an uneducated loser, Go bury yourself in the nearest sewer, your mouth could use some proper cleansing.

  9. Not all Muslims are bad just like not all Christians are bad,

    Also let me remind you, Throughout this whole conversation it has been you who:

    1. Insulted other peoples religions.

    2. Insulted other peoples races, you clearly seem to think that muslims are a race, god help you and your stupidity.

    Strange how you are the only one insulting Muslims and how it wasn’t a Muslim who insulted you, yeah, good example my ass.

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