1. Ok so I thought the video was kinda funny but what really pissed me off was the old lady who can’t even see over the fucking steering wheel

  2. Everybody now that this video is fake. But it is just a nice homemade video. Who cares about “is it fake or not” it is just fake a child of 1 year old can see that this is fake.

  3. For all u dumbasses out there: OFCOURSE ITS FAKE. ITS NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND THAT CAR WOULD NOT HOLD THE WEIGHT OF A PLANE. Is it really that hard to understand???

  4. it definitly CANNOT carry that weight….
    120.000kg x 83,333m/s = 10.000.000N
    now tell me which aluminium roof can carry that power

  5. Hated this vid sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! just when you are on the lookout 4 a funny relaxing vid after a real crappy day – you get even more stressed out!!!! n-o-t funny

  6. OMG!….Are the people who think this is a REAL Crash on CRACK! Do they really think a film crew was able to place themselves at the perfect points along this freeway and film it as it happened? Where are the Emergency Vehicles….which Airline is it? How did they get the camera on the roof of the old lady’s car to film her fingering the guy…why are they the ONLY two people able to get on the freeway?Why did the Nose gear brake in the first place when it had already touched down? Do I really n

  7. Dude just change lanes and there is NO WAY you got footage of that airplane flying and that part where that ” no concern ” pilot crushed that car lose some landing gear LOL

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