[1.4.2] Lightsaber Mod Spotlight

LightSaber Mod Minecraft 1.4 Can we get 100 Likes?!?!? Twitter: twitter.com LINKS Lightsaber forum page: www.minecraftforum.net How to install forge modloader: www.youtube.com. Music from Aproaching Nirvana - Song: I dream of Ibiza link:www.youtube.com Subscribe?: bit.ly

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  1. you need to install the resourses. Open the zip and there will be a resourses folder, open that and it will say mods. You need to drag that into you mods folder INSIDE YOUR RESOURCES.

  2. Sorry about that I should have realized. Thanks for checking out the video though, and that would be awesome if you could take a look at changing the recipe. Its an awesome mod with alot of promise.

  3. DrPlayStationNation?
    Can you make a TUT on how to install like 5 mods running at the same time on minecraft;
    because I’ve been having truble installing more then one mod.

  4. Its good!  Its that one thing that everybody has and yours is saying “guys.” btw I tweeted you basically the same thing.

  5. just wanted to point out that the bullet recipe will give you 6 bullets, and i’ll take your advice on making crafting harder =) thanks for the spotlight!

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