☺ America’s Funniest Home Videos Part 100 – Best clips from parts 1 through 99

Based on your Comments, Views and Ratings I've compiled this collection of the best AFV clips, I'm sure you'll agree. In this video you'll see the funniest clips from all Parts 1 through 99 Thank you for all the great comments over the past few mounts, sometimes I receive so many it's hard to respond to them all. Your favorite AFV clips that you suggested were all great. I had so much fun with this one. Join the fastest growing AFV channel on YouTube stay up to-date with my latest uploads, just click the link is below. Subscribe? www.youtube.com I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (www.youtube.com

37 comments on ☺ America’s Funniest Home Videos Part 100 – Best clips from parts 1 through 99

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  5. i dont like this vids…does anybody know that every one of them was ok? otherwise i cant take a laugh….but i guess the people wouldnt sentd it in if someone got seriousely hurt

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